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“All the busy billionaires, multimillionaires and geeks in their garages dreaming up the next big thing that will bring glory back to Silicon Valley should plunk down some loose change on “The Man Behind the Microchip.” And anyone interested in the true creation story of Silicon Valley — in contrast to the enticing tales of the mythmakers who continue to blow bubbles of promise up and down the Peninsula — would do well to make a small investment in this terrific biography.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Bob Noyce’s contributions to the development of the semiconductor industry go well beyond his inventions. He was industry spokesman, visionary, and leading entrepreneur. But this well written book does more than just chronicle his many contributions; it is a window into his complex and charming personality.”
— Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation

“If you prefer a glamorized version of the history of the computer revolution, with crazy kids getting crazy rich inventing the future, then The Man Behind the Microchip (Oxford University Press) is not for you. But if you want the relatively unknown story of Intel Corp. co-founder Robert Noyce, a small-town Iowa boy who ignited Silicon Valley and then mentored the ones who got all the headlines, author Leslie Berlin has produced an important, hype-free account. And the bonus: Noyce was no geeky physicist, and his risk-taking zeal to create new things, coupled with a powerful commitment to ethics, powers a story that should be required reading for today’s entrepreneurs and executives.”
Washington Post

“Leslie Berlin’s meticulously researched biography tells the story of a talented but flawed individual whose successes and failures could serve as the raw material for a dozen business school case studies. It also paints a revealing picture of US business culture in the mid-20th century…Berlin’s evocative account of the birth of an industry.”
Financial Times

“The first full-scale biography of Noyce and the first book to acknowledge his true importance. Noyce’s story is a fascinating one…. The book succeeds best as a business biography, putting his impressive accomplishments in perspective. Noyce should be considered one of the most influential inventors of our time, a prime mover of the digital revolution that has changed all our lives. For that he deserves much broader recognition. The Man Behind the Microchip is a great start in that direction.”
PC Magazine

“Leslie Berlin does an excellent job of capturing the Bob Noyce I knew: part small-town boy, part big-time genius and always a wonderful friend and citizen.”
— Warren E. Buffett, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

“We especially liked the look into the early days of Intel and how co-founders Noyce, Andy Grove, and Gordon Moore each leveraged the strengths of the others to build a strong company…. The Man Behind the Microchip [is] not only an excellent biography, but also an intriguing history of the development of the digital age.”
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

“Few people had a greater impact on life in the second half of the 20th century than Bob Noyce, co-inventor of the integrated circuit. Yet he was little known outside the field of electronics. Leslie Berlin, in “The Man Behind the Microchip,” her highly readable biography of Noyce, describes how his work sparked two revolutions in the modern business and technology era.”
Boston Globe

“Bob Noyce was one of the giants of Silicon Valley. … The most extraordinary thing about this book is that Berlin has been able to cut through the legend and establish that this man, once nicknamed “the mayor of Silicon Valley,” was also an ordinary human being.” … [Berlin] has brought Noyce and his role in the valley’s history into focus.”
San Jose Mercury News

“well-rounded biography … excellent work.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“[Berlin] superbly evokes the hacker inventiveness of Shockley and his gang…. One could argue that Noyce was less important for pioneering the chip than for pioneering the psychology of Silicon Valley.”
New York Times Book Review

“A comprehensive and admiring biography…. Hopefully it can restore to proper renown a man once called the Thomas Edison and the Henry Ford of Silicon Valley…. Berlin does a fine job uncovering the details of Noyce’s childhood and tracing his intellectual development…. Berlin writes convincingly…. [A] thorough and worthy retelling of his life.”
Washington Monthly

“Noyce understood the transformative power of new technology as well as anyone alive…. Berlin’s rigorously factual account portrays the scientific process in all its grittiness.”
MIT Technology Review

“Leslie Berlin, in her highly readable biography of Noyce, describes how his work sparked two revolutions in the modern business and technology era.”
— Philadelphia Inquirer

“At the white-hot epicenter of the digital revolution was Robert Noyce. Now, thanks to this incisive and astutely researched biography, Noyce will be forever listed among those inventor-entrepreneurs of the postwar era who functioned as the Johan Gutenbergs, the Alexander Graham Bells, the Guglielmo Marconis of our era.”
— Kevin Starr, University Professor of History, University of Southern California

“At last, the absorbing story of the most important figure in the history of the semiconductor industry! Meticulously researched, The Man Behind the Microchip is so engagingly narrated that you don’t realize how much business and technology you are learning along the way.”
— William Aspray, Rudy Professor of Informatics, Indiana University